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Ati Atihan Contest 2018 Final Results-Check Result By Name,Address,Amount&Rank

Ati Atihan Festival 2018 is Mother of all Festivals in Philippines, You can more read about ati atihan festival by clicking on the festival name.

Today we are going to announce the names of the winner’s of the contest of the ati atihan contest 2018 final results.

As you know Ati Atihan is long week Festival and at the end of the festival Groups and people get prize awards, Prizes are given according to the categories. you will get Ati Atihan contest results according to each category.

if you want to look at the whole Festival Schedule you can check in Ati Atihan Schedule page.

Catagory wise Ati Atihan Contest Results 2018


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Ati Atihan Festival Schedule 2018 : Monday to Sunday Full Schedule

Ati Atihan Festival Schedule from Monday To Sunday

Following is the Ati Atihan Festival activities Schedule Monday to Friday.


 Monday 15 Jan, 2018 

The Event will start at 1:00 PM in Kalibo Pastrana Park with the Parade of Floats and Tribes,

And at 7:00 PM in Magsaysay Park there will be Festival King Pageant Night.


 Tuesday 16 Jan, 2018 

The Tuesday Event Activates Will Start at 2:00 PM in Streets Around Kalibo Pastrana Park with Sang Kalibo Tamboe and Street Party and whole activates will end at 12:00 AM.


 Wednesday 17 Jan, 2018 

Wednesday Event will start at 1 PM in the Major Streets of Kalibo with Pagdayaw Kay Sr. Sto.Nino and will end at 6 Pm.

Then in the Evening at 7 o clock there will be Battle of the Sounds in the Pastrana Park.


 Thursday 18 Jan, 2018 

Event Activates will start at 8 AM in the Major Streets of Kalibo with Sinaot Sa Calle (Teachers Activity) and will end at 12 PM, and after that at 1 PM there will be Higante Contest (Parade of Giants) and will end at 6 PM.

 Friday 19 Jan, 2018 

In Moring at 8 AM Street Dancing ( Sadsad Pagpasaeamat ) activities will start on Kalibo streets and on Night From 7 Pm To 2 Am There will be Invasion Spectrum Music Party at Goding Ramos Park.


 Huge day Saturday 20 Jan, 2018 

Saturday activities will start from 4 AM With Dawn Penitential Procession on the Streets of Kalibo after that at 8 AM there will be a Contest between Tribal, Balik Ati and Modren and Individuals at D. Maagma on Streets.

At 12 After Noon There will be Hornada (Children Blessing) will start in front of St. John Baptist Cathedral.


 Last Day Sunday 21 Jan, 2018 

Last day activities will start from 6:30 AM with the Treansfer of Sto.Nino De Kalibo & Pilgrim Mass in front of St. John Baptist Cathedral.

At 2:00 PM there will be Religious Procession & Torch Street Dancing on the Streets and Cathedral Parish of St. John the Baptist.

Kalibo Ati Atihan Festival Schedule 2018

Every day activities

These Activities will happen all days of week you can say these are the basic activates of the festival, you can find day by day activates in the rest of article.

  • Endless Snake Dancing “In this dance People Dance and wave like a snake. “And on each night there will be Partying at Magsaysay Park.
  • There Will be Variety of foods at the FOOD FESTIVAL which will be at Pastrana Park, food festival will be open at 9:00 AM and will close at 12:00 PM.
  • Every day There will be Food and Party Festival at Magsaysay Park and Opening time of the park is 6:00 PM and Closing Time is 1:00 AM.
  • For Variety clothes and other traditional things there will be a Special Ati Atihan Festival Bazar at Veterans Avenue and its Opening time of the park is 8:00 PM and Closing Time is 1:00 AM.
  • There will be Ati Atihan Trade Fair too at Kalibo Plaza Trade Hall.
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