Ati Atihan Contest 2018 Final Results-Check Result By Name,Address,Amount&Rank

Ati Atihan Festival 2018 is Mother of all Festivals in Philippines, You can more read about ati atihan festival by clicking on the festival name.

Today we are going to announce the names of the winner’s of the contest of the ati atihan contest 2018 final results.

As you know Ati Atihan is long week Festival and at the end of the festival Groups and people get prize awards, Prizes are given according to the categories. you will get Ati Atihan contest results according to each category.

if you want to look at the whole Festival Schedule you can check in Ati Atihan Schedule page.

Catagory wise Ati Atihan Contest Results 2018

So without wasting time now i am going to announce the result of the kalibo festival 2018.

*Disclaimer: These results are from official source,error and omission are accepted .

 Tribal Big Group Results 

Rank Name of Group Address Prize (PHP)
1st Prize Vikings Dumga, Makato 200,000
2nd Prize Black Beauty Boys Linabuan Norte, Kalibo 120,000
3rd Prize Tribe Alibangbang Linabuan Norte, Kalibo 100,000
Consolation Prize Maharlika Dumga, Makato 40,000
Consolation Prize Pangawasan Cayangwan, Makato 40,000
Consolation Prize Tribe Triple J Estancia, Kalibo 40,000
Consolation Prize D’Kamanggahan Poblacion, Makato 40,000
Consolation Prize Tribu Tiis-Tiis New Buswang, Kalibo 40,000

 Tribal Small Group 

Rank Name of Group Address Prize (PHP)
1st Prize Tribu Bukid Tigayon Tigayon, Kalibo 100,000
2nd Prize Tribu Responde New Buswang, Kalibo 70,000
3rd Prize Iwa-Iwa Estancia, Kalibo 50,000
Consolation Prize Tribu Ninolitos Tigayon, Kalibo 25,000
Consolation Prize Kabog Estancia, Kalibo 25,000
Consolation Prize Lezo Tribe Ibao, Lezo 25,000

 Modren Group 

Rank Name of Group Address Prize (PHP)
1st Prize Royal Scorpio Ponlacion,Kalibo 90,000
2nd Prize Aeang – Aeang Lahuinbanua, Numancia 50,000
3rd Prize D’Emahine Andagao, Kalibo 30,000
Consolation Prize Atras-Abante Poblacion, Makato 20,000
Consolation Prize Roadside Linabuan Sur, Banga 20,000
Consolation Prize Baeot-Baeot Pusiw, Numancia 15,000


Rank Name of Group Address Prize (PHP)
1st Prize Tribu…. Candido Iban Lilon, Malinao 90,000
2nd Prize Malipayong Ati San Roque,Malinao 50,000
3rd Prize Kinantuing San Roque,Malinao 40,000
Consolation Prize Apo ni Inday Calangcang, Makato 20,000
Consolation Prize Tribu Anono-o Briones, Kalibo 20,000
Consolation Prize Sinikway nga Ati Calangcang, Makato 20,000
Consolation Prize Tribu ni Datu Puti Rosario, Malinao 5,000
Consolation Prize Maninkop Caano, Kalibo 5,000

 Individual Modern Tribal 

Rank Name Real Name Prize (PHP)
Best 1 Pantastika Jomar T. Melgar 3,000
Best 2 Prutika Hazel Mae B. Panerio 3,000
Best 3 Mesticalose Rolando G. Villanueva, Jr. 3,000

 Individual Ati Tribal 

Rank Name Real Name Prize (PHP)
Best 1 Authentica Peacockana Noel O. Trance 3,000
Best 2 Lantastika Copristic Milmar B. Soguilon 3,000
Best 3 Negra Bloom-Mira Terry Z. Ebiel 3,000

 Sangkalibo Tamboe Contest Final Results 

Following are the final results of the Sangkalibo Tamboe Contest 2018

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