Miracles of Ati Atihan Festival |How Ati Atihan Magic Changes People Lives

As you know Ati Atihan Festival is one of the Famous Festival of Philippines but unfortunately due to covid-19 the kalibo, Aklans famous festival was cancelled and could not happened this year 2021 but we are hopped for the Ati Atihan festival 2022 to happened without any restrictions so we can celebrate what we missed due to Covid-19. This time enjoy watching Ati Atihan Miracles.

Atihan Faith Healing:

Many locals participate in the pahilot. which is a faith healing tradition, a catholic priest rubs all parts of the religious devotee’s body with the image of the Santa Nino and by doing so is believed to heal both the Body and soul.

faith healing during Aklan festival

Miracles of Ati Atihan:

This festival is itself a miracle, many people heal during faith healing process.

one man was telling his story he was half paralyzed and then miracle happened watch his story in the video below.

Your Story:

If you have any story or any miracle happened to you or your loved ones please tell us about that in the comment section below, we will love to hear from you.

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Ati Atihan Festival 2022:

If you have any suggestion regarding the upcoming Atihan Festival 2022 you can share your suggestions in the comment box.

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